PSU manufacturers

Are these manufacturers worth considering or are they poor quality

1) Foxconn
3) Power Magic
4) Powertek
5) Okia
6) Apollo
7) Raidmax
8) Channel well

I want to get a reasonable power supply, at not too high a cost. Is this a who's who of mediocre supplies or are there some which aren't too bad

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  1. Among the brands listed, I'm familiar with only Powmax, Raidmax, Channel Well, and Foxconn. Channel Well is the best of these and is the current maker of Antec's power supplies. If I couldn't get a Fortron/Sparkle, Delta, or HEC/Heroichi (Compucase), I certainly would not mind a Channel Well.

    Foxconn is one brand of Deer, a company known for low quality power supplies. Raidmax seems to have fans mostly because of the name, and of the bad supplies, Powmax (Leadman, Robanton) may be the safest choice, but don't expect much power from them.

    I've had good luck even with incredibly low quality power supplies, probably because computers rarely draw more than 200W, although some supplies failed when intentionally shorted, including some of the better brands, such as Enermax.
  2. thanks for the reply,

    I think I'll err on the side of caution and opt for one of

    1) Enermax
    2) Antec
    3) Fortron
    4) Sparkle

    There's too much blood in my caffeine system
  3. I have great experience with Enermax PSU.
  4. Another vote for Enermax. Reliable and pretty quiet.

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  5. While Enermax are nice, I've had my best luck with Power Man, which is sold under the brand names AOpen and Sparkle, so choosing from your list, Sparkle.

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