Windows 7 OEM hard drive swapping?

Well as everyone using Windows RC knows, it'll be shutting down every hour or so starting in a week or so.
I've been looking at two different options.
First option was to use Ubuntu 9.1.0 though I have no experience with it. Thing is I game a little and wanted to run games also. I looked into using Wine yet its not always guaranteed.
Second option was to do a clean install of Windows 7 using an OEM copy for far less than retail. Also, thing is..I might be receiving a new computer from school and was wondering how it would work out if I installed the Windows 7 OEM to this hard drive then swapped it out to the new computer. I heard you cannot change anything once the OEM is installed without calling Microsoft. Would it be possible to swap out the hard drive and put it into my new machine?
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    1) games are most of the time hard to run in linux, even a popular game like age of empires was tricky (but possible).

    2) regulations state that the OEM is sold to one mobo.
    meaning that if you change the motherboard, you need a new OEM copy.
    thus calling to microsoft is useless because its a new motherboard...
    BUT since it's a computer from school, i would try to get a special deal through the school, it may have a special deal with MS and you always have
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