Can I repair Win7 Home with Pro?

Hey I have a user that is having a boot\bcd error on startup. The exact error is here:

I need to do an automated repair or replace the file with an install CD. Can I run a Pro Install disk and select the "Repair Your Computer option"? and does the BCD file differ at all from a home install?
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  1. No it wont work, When you try to repair it will just ask you for the home DVD, or it will tell you it cant repair this version.

    You could try to upgrade it with your disk, then of course you will have to sort out the lics.
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    Hello wanamingo;

    You can download and burn yourself an installation disk for Home Premium.
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  4. Exactly what I was looking for WR2, and thanks bucknutty also.
  5. Have your user write the license key on the DVD and keep it a safe place.
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