Reversed Center/Sub Channels on nForce2

I just put together a new system with an Asus A7N8X Deluxe mother board. I've plugged my Altec Lansing 251 speakers into all the right audio ports in the back, but for some reason, my center channel and subwoofer channel are reversed. Seeing as how they are on the same plug, I can't just switch it around.

Has anyone else had this problem, or better yet, does anyone know how to fix it? My new comp just isn't as exciting without a working sound setup!

J. Kyle
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  1. If you can disconnect the cables from the back of the sub and center speakers, reverse them there.

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  2. Is that mini-headphone to mini-headphone?

    You could buy a pair of mini-headphone (make sure you get stereo ones) to RCA adapters and just cross the RCA's.

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  3. It's a mini-plug (headphone) to the sub. There is only one plug. It goes staight into the sub. When I set it up to use the microphone and line in jacks on the mobo, it works fine. It's just when I use the sub/center jack that it messes up.
  4. I guess I'm confused.

    I thought you would have a single cable running from the center/sub port on the sound card to a port on the sub. I thought the cable would have mini-headphone connectors at both ends.

    What I was saying, if the above was true, you put a mini-headphone to RCA adapter into the sound card and also put one into the port on the subwoofer. Then you use two RCA patch cords to make the connection, reversing them, left to right, right to left.

    If your center/sub is reversed this would make them right.

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  5. Kyle,

    I am having the same problem as you are. I cannot get it to work. I tried several different configurations but I was not successful. I have the same board and same speakers as you have. So you were saying that if you connect to the Mic and Line in you can get it to work? I am really not sure if the problem is in the board drivers or in the speaker system. I tell you that if I cannot get it to work I will sell those speakers and but one with a built in Digital Decoder.
    Another question for you. Are your speakers noisy? My set makes a annoying noise. It is not too loud, but as my room is really quiet, it gets annoying. For example, in a movie, if there is a very quiet scene, that noise shows up.

    Take care,

    L. Filho
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