Restore my DefaultDesktop.jpg file?

I tried to change my login screen picture to a different one but I messed up somehow and now even when i change the picture i want it to be to


it wont work even with a restart

The file is located in System/Library/CoreServices
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  1. Did you do this with the Terminal or Third party app?

    I would use a third party program to do this or the library preferences listed bellow, as the area you alluded to is a dangerous place to make a typo.

    terminal command:

    sudo defaults write /Library/Preferences/ DesktopPicture "/path to the picture you want to use/"

    (you will have to enter an admin password at the end)

    There is another way through terminal using sudo mv but I don't recommend it as a typo in the System/Library/CoreServices area is a bad bad bad thing.

    Let me know how this works out for you.
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