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i am trying to reformat my hard disk but my stupid bro put a password on my laptop and he forgot it, what do i do????
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  1. What is your os? Where is the password... ie what level.. bios, windows etc ?

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  2. it has win 95 on it and the password is so that as soon as I turn it on it comes up
    I am tryin to upgrade it to XP
  3. ouch that sounds like a bios password. Is it before windows 95 comes up,the screen is still all black.
  4. it comes up when i press F2 to get into bios setup, if i dont press F2 it comes up after a little bit of writing
  5. Yep, that's a password to prevent you from getting into the BIOS. might have to contact the laptop manufacturer to find out how to remove the password, or talk to your brother.

    I think there may be utilities that can change it from Windows but I'm not completely sure on that.


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