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Alfa awus 036NH not seeing any wifi signals anymore

January 21, 2013 5:53:20 PM

I've had the Alfa network adapter for several months now and it worked perfectly. All of a sudden though it stopped reading WiFi signals. I'm thinking it fell to the ground(carpet) and got discharged or I touched it possibly discharging it. I've hooked it to several different computers WIN 7 and it installed the driver successfully but wont give allow to see my wireless network. I hooked it to my other computer with Linux/Ubuntu and still nothing. I found on the internet I could use iwlist wlan0 scanning in the terminal to see other networks and that works, where I can see the my network and others, but when i go to connect through the WiFi program in ubuntu, it says no wireless signal.

My question to put it plainly is, is the Alfa network adapter done for, so should I just buy another one, or maybe I'm missing something? I know its plastic casing around the card but is it possible to shock through plastic?

Thank for your help.