Internet Connection Dropping, Wireless Still Showing Connected.

So I just recently built a brand new gaming computer (See specifications below). I do not have a way to run a Ethernet cable to the computer, so I bought a NETGEAR WIRELESS N-300 (WNA3100 MODEL) USB Adapter. The router is a N600 WIRELESS DUAL BAND GIGABIT ROUTER (WNDR3700v2 MODEL), and I always have 4-5 bars and it stays connected. The problem is that in the middle of surfing the internet, downloading anything, playing a online game, and any other internet use the internet connection drops completely. The wireless signal is still strong, and I still am connected to the network, but cannot get internet connection. There is about 3 other people who can use AND GAME on the internet while I am connected, and when my internet drops, everyone else is still up. No one else loses the internet connection.

I have tried updating the drivers for the adapter, I have tried updating drivers for the motherboard USB ports.

Anyone know a fix to this? Or have this problem?

I was thinking about buying a PCI wireless card and try that. Any suggestions?

ASRock Extreme4 LGA1155
OCZ 750w PSU
8gb DDR3-1600 Corsair Vengence
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  1. Are the other PCs wired or wireless and are they in constant online use. I'm not familiar with that router so I don't know if it has LEDs showing the status of various aspects. I know you aren't close to it but when the Net drops off, can you see a DSL light or a light marked Internet glowing on the router? Something like this can be caused by old or damaged telephone lines or simply by the distance from the exchange. What is normal speed? Go to and take the test but decline any kind offers of checking your PC as well.
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