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ok i've installed an internal modem on my computer and it's recognizing it but i can't get out to the internet at all. it's saying the modem may be turned off. anyone have any idea how that happens cuz i'm totally clueless.
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  1. Does it appear in Device manager??
  2. First... do you have the phone line plugged in?
    Do you have it plugged into the correct jack on the modem?

    Hook up a phone to the wall jack/extension cord you are using and see if you get dialtone.

    If you don't get dialtone, it's the phone line... try a different extension cord or wall jack.

    If you get dialtone...

    Open your modem's property sheet in device manager...
    Right click My Computer, select Properties and get into your hardware list... find the modem in the list, right click it and click on properties...

    If it says the drivers are not installed, you need to install the drivers for your brand and model of modem.

    If it says "this device is working properly" go to the Diagnostics tab and see if your system can talk to the modem...

    If it passes the test...

    While you are still in the modem's property sheet look under Power (if it's there) and be sure you don't have "turn this device off to save power" checked.

    Go into control panel, telephony applet and be sure you've set your dialling properties correctly.

    Go into your Dialup connection properties and be sure you've set up your ISP correctly.

    If it fails the diagnostics...

    Close the modem's property sheet

    Right click the modem on the hardware list and select Remove.

    Now reboot your computer and let it reload the drivers.

    Try the diagnostics again...

    If all this fails, it's likely you have a bad modem. If it's under warranty take it back and get an exchange.

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