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I have a linksys router hooked up to a cable modem. i am about to have a roommate move in and he has a Apple AirPort Extreme. He needs this to be on so he can back his mac book up. I would like to be able to have both of these running on as one network instead of two.
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  1. 2 things you can do:

    1: Give both Routers the same SSID, Channel, Password, and Band.
    (This will work, but you might run into a few problems, lots of dropped connections, etc.)

    2: If it's cosmetic, for example, you don't want people around you to see TWO network names on the WiFi scan because it looks messy or unprofessional... (?), then just turn off the Broadcasting of the SSID, almost as if it's a secret network.

    Otherwise, I don't know why you mind having 2 network SSIDs running. You connect to yours, he connects to his.
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