Hercules has left LCD market?!

Hello everyone!

I am the very happy owner of a Hercules ProphetView 720. I purchased it shortly after reading the very good review it recieved here at Tom's.

Now I am looking for its bigbrother, the ProphetView 920 PRO Dvi. - I use a multi PC setup, and its time to kill my last CRT screen. :)

Unfortunately it is impossible to buy ANY kind of Hercules screen in the entire world. :p

Can anyone confirm whether Hercules has drawn out of the market or is in some kind of trouble?

I have checked all the vendors in Denmark, some mention Hercules cancelling all backorders and refusing to deliver more monitors. This happened within the last few months, and I had actually ordered one 920 from a respectable shop, where I got my 720, and they had to cancel my order with a similar message. - Hercules has cancelled all orders..

Whats going on? - Why does Hercules pull out The most beautiful LCD display on the market?

Have any of you seen the Hercules ProphetView 920 PRO Dvi for sale locally, where you are?

Does any such shop deliver to Denmark? :p

Thoughts? - Rumors? - Please post.
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  1. They've been out of the market for a while now. At least the last 8 months. It's funny that they still have monitors on their website though. Consider yourself lucky to have gotten one.
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