How To: Reset Win8 MBR after Linux Dual Boot

This guide comes from my experience from running Windows 8 and Linux Mint 13 in a dual boot set up. After some testing with the linux mint side for a while I decided I was going to remove linux and reclaim my HDD space.

Once you install Windows 8, then Install Linux the boot loader that is used is Grub.

If you remove the Linux partition you will be stuck in a loop and unable to boot into Windows.

To repair the mbr and boot into windows perform the following

Boot with your windows 8 DVD or USB
Follow the Prompts and select
TroubleShoot -> Advanced -> Command Prompt
Once you are in the command prompt run the following commands
bootrec /fixmbr
bootrec /fixboot

The /fixboot is not nessicarily required in most cases, it was not in mine.

Enjoy, Hope it helps
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  1. Do you have any experience with WUBI on Windows 8. I have had zero luck getting Ubuntu to boot using the combination.
  2. WUBI is alittle screwy. If you have a newer motherboard that has UEFI and you are having trouble getting into your linux partition after using wubi you may need to change your settings in UEFI for "Legacy Boot Mode"
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