How do i configure my usb adapter in my desktop if i am connecting it to a wifi

I have connected a asus wireless n300 adapter to my desktop and am connecting to my neigbors wifi with permission. I cant seem to make the ap work so i can then connect all my other devices to the ap. I also have a dlink wrb 1310 wireless router. i cant get anything to work no matter what i try. Please help me.
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  1. First you need to just make a connection from your desktop to the neighbor's wireless, so you will need the wireless security type/encryption (likely WPA2/AES) and passphrase. Then you need to insure that your card is properly installed with the latest driver from ASUS. Disconnect any Ethernet connection to the desktop while configuring the wireless. Once everything is set up, reboot and you should have a wireless signal showing in the system tray (lower right) that you can choose connect and enter the passphrase. Your wireless card should be set to automatically obtain an IP address from the gateway.

    Once you connect, then attach your desktop Ethernet connection and check that you can see the other internal computers attached to the router. Insure that the wireless on your router uses a different radio channel from that of your neighbor (you can check that with inSSIDer, a free wireless signal diagnostic that shows signals by channel). Then you will need to enable ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) in your network adapter settings for the wireless adapter to allow your network to use the wireless Internet.

    If you were thinking that you could just use that wireless adapter as a bridge repeater, AFAIK you cannot. The only way it acts as an AP is if the computer it is installed in already has a wired Internet connection (or another wireless adapter with an Internet connection).
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