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I have a mini hi fi sony stero system that I dont use now and I wanted to use it as my computer sound system. IT is 5.1 and has magnetically sheilded speakers. The problem is it only has analog 5.1 in (no digital input). I have a augigy sound card. Can I buy a inexpensive digital to analog converter that would let me run my sound from the digital outs to the analog ins on my stereo?
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  1. The digital to analog converter that you're referring to is called 5.1 decoder which can be found in standalone decoders and many AV receivers. But I don't think they are inexpensive.
  2. Thanks, that makes sense.
  3. Why wouldn't you just use the analog outputs?
  4. On the audigy card? It does not have the analog 5.1 output, or does it? If so how?
  5. According to the CL website specifications page, it does. I can't say that I have first hand experience with that card so I can't personally verify it. In my opinion that would be ridiculous if it doesn't have them.
  6. Well of course it does have analog output! Every other card on earth has analog outputs (besides cards like M-Audio Delta Dio that are digital only IIRC). What's missing on cheaper cards is the digital output actually.

    If you check the installation manual that came with the Audigy (or the PDF file on your computer) it tells you which ports are which. You have 3 analog mini-jack ports that you should connect to your audio system (Front left/right, Rear left/right, Centre/Subwoofer(LFE)). The ports are even color coded in lower-end models. Remember that depending on the ports on the Sony, you may need a mini-to-RCA or mini-to-mini cable and connectors.
  7. cool, got it figured out!
    Thanks Man
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