Disable Num Pad in MSI Wind

I`ve found a very nice program that uses NumLk and ScrlLk leds to monitor network activity (simply flashes num lk led when i`m downloading smth and scrl lk when uploading)

BUT in my notebook num pad keys are assigned to letters and digits (if num is on then i = 5 and k = 2, m = 0...) So if i`m downloading smth and numlk led flashes then while typing at the same time i`ve got things like 'he3lo' or 'hell6' for example instead of 'hello' because num pad is turned on and off indicating traffic and _letter o_ at the same time is num-pad`s _digit 6_

So is there any way to completely disable num pad in my nb ?

** i`m using MSI Wind Book U100, OS - Windows 7
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  1. Or maybe there`s a way to reassign num pad`s buttons to type same characters as without it.

    I mean if my button 'o' is '6' when num pad is on maybe it`s easier to set it also to 'o', so i won`t experience problems while typing ?
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