Flicker problems with WMC

I cannot figure out why all my recorded tv, and now live tv, flicker when played with media center. It flashes every few seconds like a muted strobe light. All my drivers and firmware are up to date on the ceton and gtx 570. It happens on both my Asus monitor and my tv. It doesn't happen played on wmp or vlc. I've tried setting the color adjustment to player instead of the vid card, and making sure the 3d steriophonics was disabled (both suggestions found on google). I do love WMC's interface and would prefer to use it, but if i can't fix this I need a new program to set up with my ceton. Any suggestions?

-Windows 7 Premium 64x
-i7 2700K
-Nivida GeForce GTX 570
-CetoninfiniTV 4 PCIe
-Comcast Cable M card
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  1. it must be a setting inside of the windows media center since it works fine with wmp and vlc.
  2. Hi :)

    Nobody uses wmc anymore as VLC is miles better....try it...

    All the best Brett :)
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