Can't download and visit websites at the same time?

i'm with mediacom and i upgraded to ultra 50 i get 50 down 5 up has anyone had this problem? when i download anything i can't visit websites at the same time
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  1. Can you test another computer on your network? I'm curious if the issue is related to your computer.
  2. i did it on my old laptop a dell b130 at first it didn't let me download and visit websites then a while later it did
  3. so is that Dell b130 the 2nd computer to exhibit the problem? or it is the only one you've tried thus far?
  4. i only have two computers a desktop which is a dell 545s thats the main computer i'm having trouble on and the dell b130 which i tried to test out and see if it would do the same
  5. okay so if multiple computers have the same symptom we can rule out a computer issue. what other network equipment do you have? cable modem and router? does the router have the latest firmware?
  6. i used mediacom modem which is a router too they had to change my modem when upgrading my internet
  7. okay well now you have your answer. the problem first began after installing this new equipment. it could be defective.
  8. yeah the guy dropped the modem but said it couldn't have done anything so a tech came out he gave me a new one but still have the same problem the tech said everything looked good so he never seen a problem like this and then told me to try my laptop when i did thats when it first didn't download or let me visit websites a t the same time then when he was about to leave i told him it let me download and visit websites he said it could be my desktop and i told him my laptop is old and slow even after re installing windows xp so it can't be my computer my desktop is three years old and i used to have 20 down 2 up i didn't have problems downloading and visiting websites at the same time
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