Can't reply to posts

Neither Quick Reply nor Reply are working on my desktop PC, anyone else? Or do i have to resort to violence.... :fou: :fou:
Couldn't post a question either.
Posting from Laptop,so if this works, what's up with my desktop???
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  1. Google how to reset your JavaScript settings.
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  2. Google how to reset your JavaScript settings.
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  3. Testing...
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  4. Just reset Ie9 to default, hope this works... Added 'Tom's' to trusted sites, 'Submit ' button worked once...
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  5. Well, that seems to have worked, though what caused it in the 1st place a mystery, started last night intermittently...
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  6. Back to square 1
    Tried on 3 machines, intermittent results. Now on neighbour's laptop running Vista on a different ISP.
    Had difficulty signing in on all 3 , had to use the 'join' button and sign in from there.
    Can only find instructions to reset Java scripting for Ie4...
    Tried Tom's .uk and .com, no joy
    Running out of options!
    Thought it might be Windows udate, so restored system prior to last one...
    Now sometimes I can edit but not submit a reply, plot thickens...
    Still unable to reply to other posts. I see this when I hover the mouse cursor over the 'Submit' Button, is this normal?
    (see bottom right)
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  7. 'Add a reply' works sometimes, cursor generates this from 'Submit'
    Whih would appear to confirm that Java is involved....
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  8. Appears to have been resolved by downloading Java, which I assumed was on the system anyway. Question I have, is Java automatically included in the system, or if optional, how did the 'Submit' button work without it?
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  9. You probably had an older version of Jave installed. Java is not usually installed by default but is loaded when needed by an application, usually your browser. When you load the new version of Java set it to automatically update and then you won't have more trouble. Goog luck
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  10. Either that or certain adblocking software and antivirus apps can be the problem.
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