Need help finding a Wireless adaptor windows 8

at the moment I'm using a netgear WNA1100 (only because i use to be hard wired but now i moved and i am wireless for the mean time) and it is horrible for gaming, and i have been having problems finding a new Wireless card that will support windows 8, the ones i find do not have drivers on the website for win 8 and the ones that do are complete crap aka companies like Netgear, I was looking at a rosewell but i could not find a windows 8 driver, if someone can help me with this and keep it under 70$ i would be very appreciative cause i am just getting flustered and the process has become very tedious. I cant even play my computer games at the moment
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  1. Stick to using the wired connection until Win8 updates it's driver database or wait until other companies adopt can cater to the OS.

    Try this one.... it's a quote from some other site....
    " I did install the Trendnet TEW-623PI first I downloaded the latest drivers from RaLink for the RT2860 chipset that was dated 11 Apr 2012 so they must have had Windows 8 in mind. "

    Hope it works and is available where ever you are.
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