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    "godeep" <> wrote in message

    Hardly a new game. It's been in development for an eternity (something like
    4-5 years). PC Gamer covered it late last year when the developer gave a
    "Jan. '04" release date (one of a multitude that he has missed). I had high
    hopes for this game, but when it was revealed that it would not offer a
    franchise mode of any sort and the developer confirmed that on-line play of
    any kind would be next to impossible, I kind of wrote it off. If I pick it
    up at all it will as a curiousity. Without even those basic features I
    mentioned, this has no chance of filling the FBPro niche. Plus, to be
    honest, the screenshots look like they came from later editions of FBPro,
    that's how dated they look.

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