SSD and win7 install queries

PC specs: CPU Q6600 2.4ghz; RAM 4gb; 64-bit vista; samsung HD753LJ 700Gb (HDD) wherein several photo editing softwares and games (WOW, Assassin's creed, Onlive) are installed

Install OCZ SSD Agility 3 Series 2.5" 120GB and windows 7 OS

So i don't have to wait several minutes booting up/shutting down my pc and opening up programs; i don't like vista

I've watch this and posted a question

HI! I am about to do the same installation but have some questions just to be sure what to SSD being first boot with win7 then i still have my vista and all of my files accessible but in different drive names? (c:drive og g:drive) if so, then all of my files would be running on vista/HDD thus, not benefiting from SSD? I have photo editing softwares and WOW in my HDD which i want to run in SSD. How do i do that the easiest way?

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  1. I'm not sure what the question is here. If you boot from the SSD (Windows 7), you will benefit from the speed increase over the physical drive, whereas if you boot from the HDD (Vista) you will see the exact same speeds as you are now because Vista is installed on that drive.

    Your programs will need to be installed on the SSD in order to run from the SSD. Best way to accomplish this in my opinion is to solely use Windows 7, backup the necessary files from your other HDD to another hard drive (external if you have one), format the HDD, and afterwards use it solely as storage media.
  2. Thanks for the response...

    I was thinking of dual boot so i don't have to go about doing backups and reinstalling programs. I only want my photo editing softwares and if possible my games to run in SSD.

    After watcing the link on youtube, i was left thinking how to transfer files from my old HDD to the new SSD. If i first boot on SSD, would i be able to access my HDD files and if so, can i just copy it and transfer them in my SSD?

    EX.: Assuming i've installed my SSD and win7 successfully, first boot with existing vista and HDD on second boot...will i be able to access my lightroom software? if so, when i run it will it be in vista OS/HDD eventhough i boot from win7/SSD? Is there a way to copy lightroom from my HDD via copy/paste or drag and drop to my SSD?
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    Dual booting is fine, but you would have to install those programs to the SSD if you wish it to run from there from inside of Vista.

    So long as both of those drives remain connected, you should be able to access both of them no matter what OS you're running. So yes, inside of Windows 7 you would be able to access the files located on the HDD where Vista is located and vice versa. However, you would need to install that program (unless it's standalone, which few programs are these days) inside of Windows 7 in order to run it in Windows 7. Most programs require an installation inside of the OS that it's running in, this is due to the nature of the registry system in Windows and the way that programs are designed. Standalone programs can run without having been through an installation process, but not many programs are like that, like I said.

    It really would be so much easier to pick a single installation of Windows (preferably 7, Vista is garbage), and reinstall your programs, rather than dual boot in order to use different software that you have installed on different OS's.
  4. Thanks! I might wipe out the old OS eventually when i feel secure on the new one and when i get problems with registry. Yeah vista is garbage :-)
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