Problems After Partition - Asks for recovery (keyboard not working)

Hi guys!

I tried to break the disk on several parts with Partition Manager, but at the middle of the process it froze and I forced the computer to restart.
After reseting it says to "Insert the Recover Disk or other Recovery Media" .
After it I put the disc with the Windows 7 and at the menu where you have to choose to move (by keyboard arrows) to installation, the keyboard does not work, so I can't move to the installation and it jumps directly to the Local Disc. I also tried Windows XP disc and the same problem - there is no chance to reinstall the system.
The keyboard is WORKING in the BIOS, but after does not work.
Here is the same issue, but there is no answer:

Hope someone can help.

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  1. That other thread appears to be someone having a problem actually getting the PC to boot from the Windows 7 disk. Are you having that same issue? Because by the looks of it you are able to boot to the disk, but afterwards unable to navigate the menus with the keyboard, is that correct?

    Are you using one of the USB ports on the back of the computer (directly connected to the motherboard)? You could try another USB port and see if it changes anything.
  2. see in your bios if there is an option to force usb keyboard/mice to work with OSes that do not support that.
  3. It's very strange, I tried the first USB port on the MOBO and it worked with Windows 7 disk, then I changed to Windows XP disc and keyboard didn't work again. So I came back to win 7 and now reinstalling it. Thanks guys a lot, different USB helped!

    I am trying to split my hard disk on 3 parts and really have a problem with it. When I install windows there are programmes build in to split, but they does not work with me now, on my previous laptop it was fine. So now after installation I used Paragon Partition Manager and after restarting it started to split but then in the middle it froze and the result is reinstallation of the Windows.

    Can you please suggest the effective and safe way to split? Which programme to use.

    Thanks guys!
  4. When you start off installing, knowing that you're going to split partitions, it's best to figure out what sizes you want from the get go. Windows 7 has an excellent partition manager built into the installer that is also available in the OS itself, so I would start there, set up the partitions you want through that installer (you'll probably have to format the drive first since you're already past that stage now), and go through the rest of the installation process. When that is done, confirm the partitions are still how you want them inside of Windows 7, then go through and install Windows XP to the partition you want it on. Should be good to go from there.
  5. Ok, thank you
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