Windows 7 won't install on my new build

My computer wont install windows when I put the windows 7 disc in. I will put it in then it will tell me to press any key to continue and I press a key and then it will spin the disc for a few seconds then tell me to put in media again and press a key. I just cant figure out how to install windows on my ASRock 970 Extreme 3
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  1. Maybe if someone can please skype me to see the problem and just help me out like that. I am really stressed that I spent money on this and it wont do the simplest thing to install windows
  2. it sounds like your computer is having trouble reading that disc. Make sure it doesn't have any scratches. if you burned the disc, try another blank media and burn it at a slow 2X speed. It is also possible that it could be the data cable between the optical drive and system board, or the optical drive itself.
  3. I burned the disc of DreamSpark for college. I put the motherboard driver CD in there and it will show all this text and just restart. There are no scratches on the windows 7 disc, for some reason the computer just wont read it. If you could add me on skype that would be great so I can show you the problem or something like that. Skype: DancesWithSmurf
  4. look at the windows 7 cd..if it says upgrade it wont boot. it has to be full version retail or oem. if you have a 4g usb stick you can use the microsoft usb tool and make a bootable usb windows install.
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