Any need to stay SCSI for burning?

I have good SCSI card and plextor CD/RW that won't need upgrading for awhile but I'm thinking of adding a DVD-R or -RW for DV recording. Do I pay the extra $1-200 for a good SCSI drive or can I go cheap and get IDE?

System spec: P4 2.0, gig RAM, MSI 845 Ultra-AR with onboard IDE RAID
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  1. the reality of the situation is that things like increased HDD, cpu and burner speeds have all but erased the benefits of scsi... as has the intruduction of burn proof technologies.

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  2. This was my suspicion. I was able to by a SCSI DVD-Rom on ebay for the same price as IDE at Best Buy so I went that direction. Better safe than sorry. Thanks for reply.
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