seagate or western digital

I was going to get WD120Gb 8Mb cache, but i've noticed that seagate are now producing a 120Gb hdd with 8Mb cache.

Is there any performance difference?

I'm thinking of going seagate due to quiet operating noise.

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  1. The western digital drives are known for performance. I would stick with that. Seagate does offer some ultra-quiet drives if you are interested, but I use the drive you need and it's really quite so I wouldn't worry.

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  2. hmmmm. its really a question of what you want:

    On one hand you have better performance, on the other, slightly less performance but better noise.

    your pick.

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  3. SATA or PATA

    the seagate SATA drives have better seek times than the PATA equivilents, (i think they just did it to make the SATA ones more attractive to buy)
  4. Seagate currently has the best record for reliability at the moment. It used to be IBM until the Desk(Death)Star drive problem.

    When it comes to hard drives I ALWAYS pick reliability over higher performance. Dead performance drives dont do me any good. Speaking of which, I just filled out an RMA form for a WD 20GB drive that started to make loud clicking noises. Its funny, when I first bought this drive the first one was DOA. I immediately returned it and got this one. I am glad it started to die before the warranty period was up though :) I hear about dying WD drives alot. They are far from the most reliable.


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  5. The Western Digital does come with a three year warranty. As best I can tell, including from : the Seagate only comes with a one year warranty.
  6. I have four of the WD1200JB's in raid 0 and they work just fine, and as already mentioned the three year warranty is good for piece of mind.
    As far as reliabilty goes I have 1 new WD400JB and a near on 4 year old WD300AB caviar still chugging away and it has had plenty of abuse over this time, it is that uneventful in its operation I forget I still have it!

    Bottom line is I have 6 Western Digital drives working most of the day in 3 machines and I have not had trouble with any of them to date, pretty good hit rate of 6 good and 0 bad..

    heh, just my 2 cents ....

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