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Did the Windows 7 upgrade, typed the product key but it's hung up at the Home Network connection screen. The screen after I chose which location my computer is located. It says it's 'connecting to your network and applying settings.' I walked away and let it run all night, woke up and it was still hung at this screen. I shut the PC down and rebooted but it did the same thing. Any suggestions? Please help!!!!!
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  1. try resetting your router

    i never recommend doing an upgrade. you can use the upgrade disk to do a fresh install as long as its on the same pc as the old OS. It can sometimes be laggy, unstable, or just a bit quirky
    Just put it on a new Hard Drive, or a new Partition (you can google 'create partition' to find some great how-tos).
  2. Hmm there have been a lot of people having problems with "upgrade versions" of Windows 7 - if you are not fussed about the data on your HDD I would suggest a clean install - by that I mean that you boot from the DVD and then format your drive and start fresh
  3. In case you decide to go that route...

    Doing a clean install with Windows 7 Upgrade media:
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