Wireless Acces Point Issues.

I just signed up with Comcast and was given a modem/router. I have an access point that I've been trying to connect but it goes on and off. I'm worried I'm not installing it properly or that it's having some sort of IP issues because it works for about 5seconds before it just doesn't work any more.

I've got the modem/router connected to the wireless access point and after configuring it, I can now get into in access point through it's IP for changes. The modem router is used for 1 computer and several wireless phones, and I need the access point for the lower level of my house for wireless only. Can anyone think of the problem? I've gone through the tech support with Netgear and it ended up working. then i hung up the phone, and it just started to not work again. I'm starting to wonder if maybe it's the access point. :??:

Modem/Router - SMC Networks SMCD3GNV
Access Point - Netgear WN604
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