System problems after a patch?

To start I'm not even sure if this is a windows 7 problem at all but here goes:

A few months ago my system started having problems running chkdsk, it would get about 3/4 of the way through the 2nd part of chkdsk where it's checking the indexes and then the screen would go dark, the system was still running, but I couldn't see or do anything. I posted in here and someone answered with a hotfix from microsoft. I never could get that hotfix to run and had the problem for maybe 3 or 4 weeks, then all of a sudden the problems went away and was fine until a couple of days ago.

I've been playing Diablo III quite a bit and after playing that for a few days in a row my system would slow down quite a bit, so I would reboot and clear the memory out to get the system running good again. A couple of days ago I rebooted and all of a sudden it went to chkdsk again out of the blue? I didn't schedule a chkdsk to happen but it went trough it anyways.

Again I had the same problems with it hanging up part way through and now it wants to run chkdsk every time it reboots? It also won't run repair from startup in safe mode or from the install cd, it starts and all of a sudden the screen goes dark and I have to shut the system off and then boot up again, the hot boot button doesn't reboot the system either, when I use that the system starts with three (3) fast beeps like it's a graphics problem, but it's not because once I shut it off, let it sit for a awhile it will start up as long as I remember to stop the chkdsk that wants to run every time.

So if anyone out there knows what could be the problem I sure would like to hear what you have to say because I'm stumped at this one? Oh and I did try to get microsoft support to help me, but All I could do is get someone from india or pakistan or where ever to call me at like 2AM or send me an email telling me to give them a time to call and when I did they never would bother to call at the times I gave them, it was always at dinner time, late at night or early AM. Can you say DOH! MS support is the worst thing going!
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  1. "MS support is the worst thing going!" - to be fair, they do have millions of users, far more than any other OS or software user-base.

    I wouldn't rule out it being a graphics card problem, it may be an intermittent one.
    You might also want to test two classic contenders for causing instability:

    Faulty hard drive - test with maker's diagnostic software:

    Faulty RAM - test with Memtest86:
  2. I'd first run a Last Known Good Config and see what happens.

    Update all of your drivers.

    Run Windows Updates.

    Depending on your mobo, swap your GPU to another PCI slot.

    Remove all but 1 stick of RAM.

    Fire up the Reliability Manager to see if any useful info is available.


    Start backing up all of your data to another media source just in case...
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