Win 7 on new build, want to add Vista 64

I installed Win 7 64 bit 7100 RC on my new build as follows;

MSI GD70 790 FX Bios 1.3
2 X Sapphire Toxic 4890's @ 1.0 Ghz/1.09 Ghz
Phenom II 955 Stock clock
2 X 640G WD Caviar Black in Raid 0
2 X 2G Mushkin DDR3 1600 @ 1333 7-7-6-18
Silverstone Raven 850W Modular

My question is I have never set up a dual boot system, and with the known issues of AMD Overdrive in Win 7 64 Bit, I would like to also install Vista Ultimate 64 bit that I have available. Can I just boot into Vista install and I will get the option to create a new partition and install there? Do I need to create a partition in Win 7 OS for my Raid array? Would I have been better off installing Vista 64 bit first then trying to install Win 7 as the secondary for dual boot?

Thanks in advance for your time!
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    I suggest you create the partition within Windows 7 first. Then you can of course Install Vista on the partition you've just created.

    Your RAID array should be OS-independent, so you should have no problems.
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