Worelss router connection failur

I am trying to connect my mac pro to a Belkin router via my destop modem, it can pick up the signal but wont load to the net. When I go to system preferences then network, a drop down box appears saying "your network settings have been changed by another application" and I cant get past this drop down box, any ideas?
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  1. Try to ping the router from the laptop over the wireless connection. Let us know what it says.

    to Ping:

    Open the terminal application

    type the following

    ping xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx (x's = the router's IP address)

    if it times out you are not getting a connection
    if you get times that look listed in ms ex. .033ms, (this means there may be an issue with your router)

    If you list what happens next we'll see if we can get you on the right track
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