Can I make Windows Media Center use my TV speakers only?

Okay so here is my dilemma. I have a 23" ASUS lcd, that I as my main screen, and I have an HDMI cable running to my 32" TV for watching WMC recorded TV shows. My problem is that i have to go to control panel and manually switch from my monitor's speakers, which use the 3.5mm on my mobo, to my Samsung TVs speakers, which both display and sound are running off my motherboard's HDMI.

I hate having to change the default sound setting every time I want to watch TV. Is there a way to make Windows Media Center only and always set to my TV's speakers or some other workaround?

Thanks, Live

My specs-Intel 3570k, Asrock extreme 4 Z77, EVGA GTX 550ti, ASUS 23" 1080p LCD, Samsung 720p 32" TV
And like I said monitor is running off DVI from graphics card and the sound is from the 3.5 from my motherboard. And the TV is running sound and display from my motherboards HDMI.
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  1. I run my Toshiba laptop to my TV from time to time via HDMI and all I did was (with HDMI connected) was right click the speaker icon in the bottom right corner (Win 7 Pro), click "Playback Devices" and in the list of devices is "Nvidia HDMI output". I selected it and clicked "Set Default" in the bottom of the window.

    Now when the HDMI cable is run to the TV the sound comes only from my TV, but when unplugged the sound defaults back to my laptop speakers. Hope this helps.
  2. Yeah, that's pretty much what I am doing now just not unplugging the cable. I just didnt know if I can have it do it automatically when I start a program or even output both at the same time. I will never have my TV and monitor on at the same time for any echo to happen. Thanks for the reply tho.
  3. I misunderstood. Do you mean that you want to use your monitor and speakers most of the time, but when you run Media Centre you want the display and sound automatically switched to the tv? (And I assume back again when you quit Media Centre)
  4. Exactly my goal. It seems to be allot more complicated than it should be. :pt1cable:
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