Need a cpu heatsink and power supply, please help

Hi I'm going to build a system as follows:
Xaser III case (7 fans)
asus a7n8x deluxe.
cheetah 15k.3 (boot drive) so I'll get a controller
atleast 2 120gb WD drives
corsair pc3200 twin pack (2x512)
radeon 9800 pro
barton 2500+
my question is: what cpu heatsink should I get if I want to overclock and also what power supply can handle all this?
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  1. I would go with a ENERMAX EG465P PSU.
  2. Yup a good quality 450W PSU (ie Enermax or Antec... but Enermax usually has the highest amperage on the 12V line which is very usefull with much HDs and fans) will be gpped enough for this system.

    If you want to OC then the Swiftech MCX-462, Thermaltake Volcaono 7+ or 11, Thermalright SLK-800 are among the best performing heatsinks.

    My dual-PSU PC is so powerfull that the neighbourhood dims when I turn it on :eek:
  3. Ok for the Enermax or Antec. Go for a 460 W unit which should allow you about 30 A on the +12 V rail.
    Regarding the cooler, I believe the COOLER MASTER HACV81XDream is a very good unit. It is a silent and powerful cpu-cooler. I used it with a 2700+ running at 1.8 V and 2.3 GHz without any problem even at the lowest speed (it is a variable speed cooler). At 22 °C as room temperature I have about 42 °C idle and 46 °C with 3D games and the lowest speed (no noise). At the highest fan speed I can reach at least 5 °C less.
    Provide also to use a good thermal media compound such as Arctic Silver 3. This product can lower the CPU temperature up 2 °C with respect to standard product.

    Principle of the highest harassment for engineers says: having two events, one bad and one favorable, with the same probability to occur, it is most probable that the bad event will occur
  4. With that case, with 7 fans, you'll have great airflow. Look at a 430 watt Enermax whisper and a Vantec Aeroflow if you don' want to have to deal with attaching a fan to the heatsink. THG tested it and found that it had a max temp of 54 degrees C under full load. Do this and you'll have a pimp system! Good choices all around.

  5. You lucky bastard. You're setting up my exact system, with the exception of the case. I'm having to settle for the Xaser II because the Xaser II isn't available yet. Ah well, I'm going to opt for the aluminum one, and with that I get a discount anyway.

    BTW, my current HS and fan are the Thermaltake Volcano 9 with the coolmod. I'm thinking of getting an SLK-800 just because it is cooler.

    We'll have to see who's system is faster.

    XP 2500+ Barton
    A7N8X Dlx
    2x512MB Corsair PC3200
    ATI 9700 Pro
    16x DVD-ROM
    2x80GB 7200RPM Maxtor
    Onboard audio
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