Something (or someone) is deleting my manual restore points?

I get this thingie alot and cannot find what is causing this.

I use windows 7 and make a manual restore point. Then maybe a week later I want to make use of that restore point but *voom*. Restore point is gone.

I know ccleaner does this when you run it. So I never bother running it until after a few months.

What the hell is deleting my manual restore points any ideas where to start looking? I reserve 3% on a 500GB drive so that is good. Restore pints never exceed this limit by a far anyway.

Miscrosoft is useless btw when it come sto asking help for this. Such A**h*les
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  1. not sure about your problem with restore points but I use Clonezilla to make backups of my system. check it out.
  2. so you have reserved roughly 16gb for restore points

    how much data is on your hard drive?
  3. My harddrive has about 50Gigabytes left so 430 gigabytes is used. But it makes no sense this wasn't the first time this happened. I started checking if my restore point was stil there on regular basis. It starts with about 77MB each and it will be the only one available (I deleted all others before creating one manually)

    They grow within 3-4 days to about 135-200 MB max how can it get deleted after just a week or two?

    BTW I have a theory.

    The last time my manual restore point was gone but 1 automatic scheduled one was there instead. If your system doesn't change will Windows7 replace the manual one with an automatic one but delete the manual one if it contains the same information?

    Otherwise I'm friggin baffled and pissed at Microsoft. What good does it do when you rely on restorepoints but they easily dissapear?

    F microsoft.
  4. i dont use system restore on my ssd--i make an image to an external drive

    but if 430gb of data is used it may be that its deleting restore points to make new ones

    have you looked in System Volume Information folder, which is a hidden system folder on the root of c drive

    to see how big it is?
  5. Clonezilla mentioned above is the way to go : )
  6. Check for the pest : )

    Run #1 and than #2 @ Simple and free guide to removing malware
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