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I used to have my Toshiba laptop set so that the hard disk never turns off... But recently I've been keeping my laptop on almost 15 hours/day. (hooked up to a LAN) I have been advised that it is better to set a time after which the hard disk turns off. Is that necessary? If yes, after how many minutes should I set it to turn off? I mean, I experimented a bit, and I found that if I put it at 10 minutes or above, it almost never turns off.... Then I tried the other extreme (I set it to 1 minute) and I found that it turns off after about a minute but it comes back on after a few minutes and then goes back back off, and then back on... etc..... So with that setting, I guess the hard disk would keep turning off and on. I was told that the reason I should let the hard disk automatically turn off, is because it will prevent it from spinning unneccessarily and thus conserve the bearings longer... But wouldn't the fact that the hard disk keeps comming on and off, hurt the computer or hard disk? Wouldn't it just be better to let it run? I mean, for example, I would assume that plugging and unplugging a refrigerator at 5 minute intervals, would probably ruin it pretty fast!!!!!
I would appreciate any info.
Thank you
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  1. It can also help conserve your battery if it is not plugged into an outlet. I'm guessing that it always turns off and on is because something needs to access the hard drive. Maybe because it is hooked up to the LAN and you are sharing files or there is some active program.

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  2. About the only thing that powering down hard drives is good for is conserving power.
  3. Its obvious that some app is powering up the HDD. As the previous guy said, the only reason to power down one's HDD is to save power. If you are plugged into mains, change your power settings so your HDD stays on.

    Otherwise you are just eating up power up/down cycles of the HDD... wearing it out prematurely.

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