Can\'t access hard drive with Win XP on Win 7--\

I have a new computer with Win 7. I put my old hdd in a dock and plugged it into my computer. Win 7 sees the hdd, but when I try to access if, I get this message: "F:\ is not accessible. Access denied." I right clicked and went to Properties for this hdd and clicked on "Security." I clicked on "Susan-PC\Adminstrator," then "edit." I clicked on "Permissions," "Full Control" and then "Apply."
Access was denied.
I need to retrieve the files on this HDD and don't know how to access it.
I ran a scan on that HDD and all the files are there; I just can't access them.
Any help anyone can give me would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.
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  2. Wow, thanks Area51reopened. I tried all of the suggestions and the last one is the one that worked for me. I am so relieved.
    I right-clicked the drive and selected "Propertied," then "Security" and then "Advanced." I created a new user, "Everyone," and gave it full control and it worked.
    Thank you so much!
  3. Your welcome don't forget to choose best answer,and thanks for using the forum!
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