1080p Wallpapers?

Hi everyone. Not sure where to post this question.

I have been currently having probs with my comp which I think I have figured out and fixed. I had to re-install Windows 7 and in so doing lost my picture I had for a wallpaper. Been looking and racking my brain as to where to find it but I can't seem to remember where I downloaded it from.

I will describe it a little. It was a picture at night of a sailboat on fire in rough seas with a dragon flying overhead. You could see a glow coming from the dragons mouth. Very cool picture and it looked great. If anyone could help me out it would be great.
Have to go to bed now been at this for a few hours and no luck.

Oh my problem was getting BSOD with FarCry2 with updated drives and BIOS using Radeon 4890 with an I7 @2.66 and 6 gig of OCZ RAM. Any help on that issue would be great too. Game would get into the menu page and when you picked anything that caused the pages to roll over it gave me a BSOD. I Was playing it for the last week with no prob until I tried to run the benchmarking program.


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    Mabey there is a conflict with far cry 2 and your drivers, when I first purchased far cry my fps was like 20 and my system should be getting like 40 on max settingfs, I reinstalled the drivers that came with my video card and it fixed it so mabey try different drivers
  2. I finally got everything to work. Had to try updating windows a few times before it said there was some new updates (possible bug). Anyway it updated and everything works flawlessly now.

    I have been averaging around 48 frames with everything as high as it would go and AA at 8x. All at 1920 x 1080.
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