How to connect to wifi in gfive mobile


can anyone help me pls.

i dont have an wifi option in my gfive mobile. It's showing ly network settings alone..
under this there is nothing referring as wifi.

advance thanks.
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  1. Read the phone instructions book. If you don't have instructions you should be able to download from the manufacturer's website as a PDF document which you can open in Adobe Reader.

    Please note, some cheaper mobile phones do not have Wi-Fi. Only "smartphones" which have a web browser and can be connected to the internet have Wi-Fi. Cheaper phones which are only for making calls and sending text messages do not have Wi-Fi.

    I cannot help you further because you have not included your phone's model number in your post. There are several different models in the GFive range - some models may not have Wi-Fi.

    As I said earlier - read the instruction book.
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