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I have a toshiba satellite 2775XDVD (laptop) and I just upgraded to windows XP a few weeks ago. After doing so, I have been sometimes having problems with my screen. This is what happens: Sometimes (not always) when I try to resume from standby mode, the screen won't come on. I have to press Fn+F5 keys (this cycles through the power-on disply modes). After pressing Fn+F5 once (which switches from "Build-in display panel only" to "Multiple Monitors" ) the screen comes on and functions properly. (Note that if after that, I cycle back to "Build-in display panel only", the screen functions properly). This problem also occurs occationally after the compture has been left idle for a long time (screen has automatically turned off and has been off for a long time).

Does anyone know what's the problem? Any solution? I would reeally appreciate any info.
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  1. Laptops often exhibit strange behaviour after upgrading the O/S, especially with power-saving. My Compaq Presario has similar faults now I've installed XP, it was supplied with Windows Me, to which Compaq added modules which manage power consumption. XP has no native support for this.

    You really should contact Toshiba support, they may have a fix. Having said that, Compaq have so far been useless to me :frown:
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