Installing xp over windows 7

I have windows 7 installed..

I want to install XP..

setup gets to 'setup is inspecting Computer hardware' and hangs..

What is the solution ??
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  1. You will have to reformat the drive as part of the installation process. Windows cannot be downgraded
  2. Hi,

    You will not be able to downgrade to Windows XP from within Windows 7.

    You will need to boot from Windows XP disc, format all partitions and install a fresh copy of Windows. Two things that you might like to consider before:
    1. Data loss, make sure you backup all your data, the process will erase anything and everything.
    2. Also check if your computer and hardware has drivers for Windows XP. Some computers, especially OEM computers do not have drivers for Windows XP which will cause some problems.
  3. Hi

    If you have a modern PC with a SATA hard disk controller in AHCI mode your XP CD may well not have the AHCI mode driver.
    This may give you a BSOD error

    Modern PC's often do not have a floppy disk drive needed to supply the SATA AHCI device driver to XP

    If you have a USB floppy this may work or change bios setting for Hard Disk Controller to ATA / IDE compatible.
    (then Microsoft XP ATA driver will work)

    Why not have both XP & 7 on the hard disk ?

    Create 3 partitions, first for XP second for 7 and third for data.
    install XP then 7

    There are tutorials on how to shrink C: containing Win 7, create new partition in free space and put XP there.
    Windows 7 startup option will go and you will have to reset the 7 boot manager and add XP


    Mike Barnes
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