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Hi, my power supply just died on me (fan made much noise past 2 weeks and then just stopped. PSU Overheated as a result)

What type of power supply should I get ? Any suggestions ?
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  1. What type of PSU did you use? Tell us more about your system's config.
  2. antec and enermax dual fan power supplies, if one fan goes you still have another.

    if both fans die and you let it burn out again, then you're more lazy than my dog. I only see him eat, drink, poop and sleep. :lol:

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  3. MY config is a:

    AMD Duron 800
    2x 128MB PC133
    SB Vibra 128
    Radeon 9000
    56K Modem
    Asus A7PRO (KT133)

    and my old PSU was a 300W Hardwired Generic.
    think all my other parts are intact ? the PSU Died while the computer was on. Later on I tried to turn it back on to see if the PSU still worked ? (Power Green LED went on for about one second, then went off)
  4. A 300-350W PSU should be sufficient for your system. I'm using a 350W Enermax PSU with adjustable fan speed control, and I am very happy with it.
  5. Yeah, Got a new PSU today, some no-name brand 318w for $49
  6. Some people never learn. How many generic PSU's @ $49 will you buy before you realize that you could have just spent $70 and gotten an Antec or Enermax that would actually last?
  7. You could have bought an Enermax 350W PSU for only $47 at <A HREF="http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProduct.asp?description=17-103-408" target="_new">newegg.com</A> and you would've had a higher quality PSU with more power to boot.
  8. I meant $49 AUD (Halve the figure for the USD equivalent)
    They were selling Antec (and other brand name) PSU's for $150+ AUD...

    btw, my PSU brand is called Hairong (or something like that)
  9. hmmmm, i don't think any of us have heard of 'em, which basically means poop, thumbs down, garabage. Trust me, I was stupid, I spent $25 (CAD) on a cheapo 300W PSU, and no more than a week later did I go out and by an Enermax 350W because mine had failed about half a dozen times already... like everyone's sayin, the PSU is often overlooked when its one of the most important parts... i mean think of your comp as a chain... one link breaks and you're f*cked.. there are some cheaper and still good PSUs out there I guess, check-out some TopPower i guess...

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  10. Dont worry too much about the others. They are very paranoid about PSU`s. I have had one of that brand and it didnt give any trouble. Plus Australian fair trading laws keep you pretty safe. I know from experiance that except for a few rare cases you wont notice the difference between a generic PSU and an expensive brand name for the avarage user.

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  11. Just wondering... What is the make and model of the PSU you you got. Just for a mental record of what people purchased and weather they are happy with it.

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