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I have a Belkin D600DB Wireless USB Adapter (f9l1101v1) and I am experiencing FREQUIENT disconnects. It seems to be associated with "heavy traffic" more than just random disconnects.

For example if I just stream music, or am just browsing the internet, even playing some online games, its no big deal. But as soon as I try to multitask, even just slightly (this instance placing a order on amazon and playing World of Warcraft) it stopped responding.

I'm 99% sure it is a software issue. And just to be clear I don't have a 100Mbps internet connection or anything so its not like I am really experiencing any kind of "heavy" traffic. I only have a 3Mbps download and a .75Mbps upload speed. And I know that when I transfer something from my PC to my NAS I usually get about 8-10MBps (not megabits, megabytes) transfer speeds, so the signal is very good.

Here is what I notice that happens:

1. The traffic goes up a little.
2. The adapter stop responding.
3. You will then (after about 10 seconds) hear the Windows charm that something has been disconnected from your system.
4. You then almost immediately here the Windows charm for something being connected TO your system.
5. I check the device manager and I see where it has duplicated the device as Belkin USB Wireless Adapter #2. (Just to be clear it DOES NOT work in this state, it will see networks, but will never actually connect to them)
6. I right click the 2nd adapter and select uninstall (I do delete the drivers for this device as well), then immediately pull the device from the back of the machine.
7. Wait about 10 seconds, plug the device back in. Windows then recognizes it as the original device and it works perfectly until next time.

Now to clarify the issue a little more. It does not always perform like this when put "under load", but it does happen at least once a night. No particular application is running at any point in time to cause this, so there is no reoccurring pattern. None of my other devices (cell phone, tablet, notebook) have this problem granted I don't use all them put together as much as this desktop. To be honest, I think it is the Belkin software that is causing this, I will wait for a few responses here, but I just might uninstall their software and then just install the basic x64 drivers.

I did install the latest drivers from the Belkin website I used version #1:

I did so in this order:

1. Install Windows
2. Install other drivers (chipset, audio, vga, energy management, usb 3 drivers, sata, and so on)
3. Install the F9L1101v1 Driver
4. When prompted inserted device FOR THE FIRST TIME. (ie. I never let Windows automatically find the generic driver for it)
5. Restart machine.

What I will consider appropriate response for this question: Any help trying to fix the device beyond returning it. So selecting xxxx version driver or changing xxxx value in advanced settings will be considered helpful. Telling me to return the item is not helpful. Telling me to use Ethernet is not helpful. Telling me that this model has known issues is helpful. Suggesting a different model (I am not loyal to belkin by any means) is helpful. Talking about how you have the same problem as me with yours is not helpful and will be removed immediately as it could affect the responses that I receive, so start your own thread.

Thanks in advance for all the help that you can provide.
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  1. Anyone want to offer any solution?
  2. USB adapters are notorious for overheating issues and why I generally avoid them. The form factor just doesn't make for good cooling. That's why when the traffic load starts to increase, and you generate more heat as a result, you can lose your connection. HEAT is the enemy of a good wireless connection!

    Now is that guaranteed to be the answer? No. But having dealt w/ USB wireless adapters for many years, I’ve seen my share of this problem and overheating being the cause.

    What you might try is directing a small fan at the USB adapter, or even grabbing a small towel w/ some ice and placing it under the adapter. See if things improve. At least see if you can eliminate overheating as a possibility.
  3. Yea, that's what I was figuring. Could anyone recommend a good PCI-E x1 or PCI card? I tried 2-3 from various manufactures at one point and had no luck.
  4. Humm... Im not particularly interested in one of those... I have my eye on:

    for about the past week, since it came out.

    And of course pairing it up with this:
  5. A glutton for punishment, eh? AFAIK, AC is still draft, but if you’re willing to jump knee deep into the “I don’t mind being a beta tester” pool, go for it!
  6. Yea, and Im not such a fan of paying about $250 to be a tester of some stuff...

    Its not a draft anymore... it is official now, its just first generation stuff. Which isn't much better than being a beta tester for stuff... rotfl
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