Canon eos 400d digital slr

i need the software for canon eos 400d digital i lost the orignal disc how can i get this
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  1. its not on the canon site I know that, you might be able to ask canon, you might find them on ebay? or you could ask someone who has disks to copy and post it, its useless without the serial number of a camera anyway.
  2. jamesmcuk said:

    you'll find only the updates are on the website, good customer service from canon.
  3. So it does. This may be of interest then

    You might be interested in this (from this thread:

    Canon, in their 'wisdom', have 2 almost-identical programs - one on disk, and the other available as a download. The ONLY difference between them is that the download checks your registry for an entry - if it doesn't find the entry, it will refuse to install. The version on disk does not check for the entry, but merely creates it. Why Canon has this policy is beyond me - it makes absolutely ZERO sense!

    Anyway, to get the downloaded version to install, you must create the entry in the Windows registry - very similar to creating a folder on your PC in Windows Explorer. It is a registry entry ('folder') - NOT a registry key ('file'). You can easily do this by performing the following steps:

    Open Windows Notepad. Copy all of the following, and paste it into Notepad:

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Canon\ZoomBrowser EX\Install]
    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Canon\ZoomBrowser EX\Settings]

    In Notepad, click on File;Save As. In the file name box, type the following IN FULL: Install Canon.reg

    In Windows explorer, find the file you just saved - make sure it is a file of type 'Registration Entries' and NOT of type 'Text Document' (i.e. it has a file extension of '.reg' and NOT '.txt'). If it has a '.txt' extension, just edit the file name and change the extension to '.reg'.

    Once you have your '.reg' file, double-clicking on it should start the process whereby the information is merged with the registry. Voila - you are done, and may happily install any Canon software you care to. Keep the '.reg' file somewhere handy, for when you reformat your hard drive / reinstall Windows / help a friend install the wretched Canon software / etc.

    The above should work on any Windows XP system - it may also work on other Window systems, but I haven't personally tried it yet. If you want to try on another Windows system, it should be quite safe - if it doesn't work for any reason, Windows will not allow the information in the '.reg' file to be merged with your registry, and will give you an error notifying you of this (this is partly what the 'Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00' text is for). No harm should be done. You should also be logged in to the PC under an account with Administrator privileges to do this.

    Can anyone here shed ANY light on why Canon don't let us download an installable executable ('for copyright reasons' does NOT count as a valid excuse - if you own a Canon camera, you have a valid right to use their software, and if you don't own a Canon camera you wouldn't want their software anyway!)??
  4. Good find!

    There are some editing features in their software, but i'm not sure they are any better than say gimp. in fact I think they have gone backwards, I used to be able to change exposure stop-by-stop in the raw editing program, but now its a little dumbed down and just brightness oriented, unless I can't find that feature again, which also means the software ain't that great .
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