"Quiet-friendly" & "Cool-friendly" PC cases?

Hello folks.

Any comments or experiences to share regarding any of the following PC cases?

Have you found them to be "quiet-friendly" and "cool-friendly"?

Any other PC cases which you have found to be excellent at being "quiet-friendly" and "cool-friendly"?

Antec SLK3700
D8000 at CoolCases.com
(The D8000 is evidently a "clone" of the Antec SLK3700.)
Antec Sonata
Evercase ECE4252 (Screwless Mid Tower)

Thanks much!
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  1. I think it's more a matter of what you put IN the case, than the case itself, on both issues.

    War Eagle
  2. i agree as long as the cases don't have any situations of audible viberation, and as long as they are the same thickness sheet metal (w/ the same psu) there shouldn't be much diffrence IMO.
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