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I purchased a harddrive off of Ebay, got it home installed it and it's locked. Bios detects it, see's the size but windows or no other os will access it. Is there anything i can to short of accept i have been shafted. it's a 8 gig Western Digital. I had planned on using it for a HD for mp3's in my other pc.
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  1. errr... do you create partition and logic drive on the hard disk? you need to run fdisk to create partition(s) and set an active partition, and then format then you can use the hdd. And I assume you purchased a "80GB" WD HDD because I doubt you can get a "8GB" WD HDD now.

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  2. actuall i tried fdisk. it DOES NOT recoginze the drive there. it says i have 1 installed. and that is my main drive a 120gig.. and yes i did buy the 8gig hd as i said its for my old computer that im using as part of my home entertainment center. thats about 2days worth of endless music there, y go and spend a lot of money when i can get what i need from a smaller drive. though i'm having doubts as to where the drive came from because it still looks brand new. and it's only 8 gig.

    i even went to and tried the zap program and wipe program neither could work, its as if i got a big write protected floppyin in my computer that i cant accesss. but as i said it's detected on boot. and even detected in the win2k install option just cant access it.
  3. Sounds to me like you got messed with...

    1) can you hear the platter spin up when you switch on power?
    2) can you hear the drive heads calibrating when power is turned on?

    If either one of these does not happen it's a dead harddisk, in which case I would be contacting the vendor. If that doesn't bring satisfaction contact EBay and have his seller priveledges revoked.

    Also... Contact Western Digital and see if they will honour the warranty on it. If they do, you should be able to get it exchanged through them.

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