Windows 7 crashed and total black screen

My windows has crashed so I have nothing just a black screen (except I could get internet from task manager and so can write this). I can't even run my symantec or other systems to do a virus check/repair because I can't access them on the computer. What can i do?
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  1. I take it you are typing Iexplore in the task manager run then to get internet?

    if so type explorer what happens then?
  2. thanks...

    i'm a total novice so I'm not sure I even posed the problem correct (just wrote what the symptoms were)


    after much trial and error and reading some random forums, I disconnected the battery and then reconnected it and the lock on resume windows (which apparently was what was going on) disappeared, so no more black screen with nothing on.

    Moral of the story for me: Don't let it hibernate too long
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