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Whats the best email client for windows7
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  1. It depends on personal preference. Outlook obviously works well with Windows 7, but free options like Thunderbird or Windows Live Mail are perfectly adequate. Personally, I just use my Gmail web interface.
  2. Go for Windows Live Mail or Thunderbird!
    Both are good!
  3. Outook, or Yahoo mail.
  4. Windows Live Email (download here) is a good choice. Includes a good contact list and calendar.
    Also handles newsgroups and news feeds if you use those type of tasks.
    Live Essentials download also includes Live Messenger, Photo Gallery, and a few other tools, but you can select just the programs you actually want.

    You can setup your ISP's email account into Live Mail and also integrate a free Live Mail account or free Gmail account as well and manage them all from Live Mail.
  5. IMHO, Windows Live Mail sucks. The worse E-mail client I've ever seen.
  6. I prefer Windows Live Mail as well.
  7. Thunderbird.
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