two hd's - 1 2mb cache and 1 8mb! help, please!

I haven't built a new comp yet, but i was thinking of buying two hard drives with two different speeds/cache abilities. I may be video editing or sound editing - would it be wise to use a lower cost , 7200 RPM and 2MB cache hard drive with a 7200 RPM 8 MB cache hard drive? I've heard something about making sure that the motherboard is able to support hard drives of differing speeds , or else the hd with 8 mb cache will run at 2 mb.
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  1. of course the motherboard can support it. Onboard cache size has nothing to do with mobo compatability. The motherboard just has to support other everday factors like ata100, drives of large capacity etc. and all modern ones do.

    Personally i would just get the 8mb WD JB drives. the cost difference is minor, performance is better (and the HDD is the slowest part in your system) AND it comes with a 3 year warantee, not 1.

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