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So my router is in a place where it cannot be moved as i have an old house which has small hallways and one central living room way the hell out in the boondocks relatively speaking. my brother just recently added a belkin dual band range extender to his room and i know it will be terrible for online gaming.. question is.. is there an access point or range extender that i can use to hard wire my xbox 360 into that will still give me somewhat wired performance? (i understand anytime you use wireless to boost the signal it loses strength i just want to know if anyone has encountered and conquered this problem)
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  1. If your xbox does not have wireless then you need a bridge...many times sold as gaming adapters. All this does is give you wireless.

    You are best off if you can directly connect to the router with only a single wireless connection. Running a repeater/extender means you now have 2 connections.

    Gaming has issues with any wireless, running on repeaters just makes it a lot worse. Gaming like video sends data almost constantly even though it is low speed. This is one of the worst thing you use a repeater on. You now have 2 devices sending data all the time greatly increasing the chance of overlap and retransmission.

    Do everything you can to run wired as far as you possibly can. You are much better off using a wired AP to increase the signal distance than a repeater.
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