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I just built a computer. When I was finished I plugged in the power and flipped the switch to turn on the power supply. But when I flipped the power supply on, a high pitched beeping noise came from it. Does anyone know whats wrong?
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  1. Does the computer boot up mornally?? It is normal for computer beep once.
  2. No, I can't even start it up because of this problem.
  3. I think that normally means the memory is not detected (could be not seated properly).

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  4. i've had this same problem before. the beeping means that something in your system is not pluged in properly, most-likely it is the memory. if that is securely put into place it means that some other wire or cable is probably loose. the beeping comes from the motherboard and sometimes motherboards have special beeps in order to tell you what is missing in the system. check your motherboards manual if all else fails.
  5. If the noise is coming from the power supply itself, you may have something shorting to ground. Usually it's the motherboard making contact on an unused case blister.

    Check your wiring, check your motherboard mounts...

    If it's coming from the speaker... the others have already give you good suggestions.

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