High Latency RAM vs. Low Latency RAM

Hello folks.

Can someone explain to me, in general, why I would want high latency or low latency or even extreme low latency RAM?

Are high and low latency related to any of the following?

- registered / unregistered
- buffered / unbuffered
- ECC / non-ECC
- CAS 2 / CAS 2.5 / CAS 3

Are there any other terms which would identify if RAM is low or high latency, etc.?

Thanks much!
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  1. Latency has to do with

    - CAS 2 / CAS 2.5 / CAS 3
    "extreemly low" / low/ high <- do not go here!!

    from that list. High latency is bad.. your ram is slow... low latency is normal.. standard ram modules.. extreemly low = 2.0 or lower ... awesome!

    There are some other terms like RAS, Precharge to active etc... usually ram is quoted like #-#-#-# for some undefined sequence.. it varies.. ie.. standard ram 2-3-3-6... corsair "extreemly low latency" 2-2-2-5...

    To err is human... to really screw things up you need a computer!
  2. Not everyone needs better than CAS 3.0, especially those who don't overclock.

    Call me Caine.
  3. True.. anyway I have yet to see DDR modules listed as CAS 3.0.. except the large sized ones...

    To err is human... to really screw things up you need a computer!
  4. Low latency = better
  5. Wow, from 2003... Facepalm
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